Love the Geek… not the stereotype..

When you think of a geek, especially if you are not one, you picture one of two people :

This guy … the scrawny, stiff wind could blow him over, high pitched squeaky voiced guy…
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Or this guy … The chubby to overweight, messy hair (usually curly), with a seemingly desperate look in his eyes…

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No offense [ Chris Sligh ] … whoever you are.. your picture just happen to come up on a google image search for “chubby geek” … you might want to look into that. ;)

While I understand that stereotypes are stereotypes because there is a measure truth to the idea being garnered, not all geeks have zero sense of style, or a lack of desire to comb their hair. Even with my affinity for geeky looking shirts with computer sayings that no one but me gets, I still like to think that I can get my fashion on.

In the last year or so, being a geek has become cool.  I even saw a kid the other day with a t-shirt on that said “Adorkable”.  When I was a kid, we would never have admitted to being dorky, and would have been crushed to be in that category.  Personally, I have a mixed reaction to this new geek chic movement.  I am glad that geeks are being given some well deserved love, but at the same time, I hate to think that we are in for a swelling of geek “posers”.. people who want to ride the geek train, but don’t really fit the mindset.  Those people will endeavor to fit into the stereotypes (glasses, geeky sayings, etc..) but will miss the point of what it means to be a geek.

So, love the geek, but lose the stereotypes.  Geeks don’t have to look a certain way, or talk through their nose.. they simply need to be consumed with life, and learning.  The topic is not always important, just that it be what you are about.

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  1. chastity says:

    geeks are hot im obsessed with geeks nerds and dorks so hit me up if you are one

  2. andy pollard says:

    howdo i join your website? im a curly haired geek and proud and i want everyone to know!

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